PM Prayut clarifies City Tower project in no-confidence debate


BANGKOK – The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Supachai Phosu, chaired a no-confidence debate and provided an opportunity for legislators to establish clear meeting guidelines, as the debate exceeded the time limit on February 24.

Before the censure debate commenced, Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, requested permission to clarify issues that were debated last night. He said many ministries are involved with the government’s work. Therefore, it is necessary for related ministries to provide a clarification to make sure that the information is accurate and not distorted.

Concerning an argument about some members of parliament not addressing the Prime Minister by his military title, General, the Prime Minister said he does not mind if civilians don’t address him by his military title. However, police and military officers have taken an oath of office, and they should preserve their dignity. Gen. Prayut said however, he is not angry about the issue.

On another topic, the Prime Minister said the construction of a city landmark is a project managed by the private sector. A tower will be built on state land. It is not a government project and is not funded by the state. Once constructed, it will be under the Treasury Department’s supervision.

Gen. Prayut said that the city tower is a project of the private sector. The structure, under the Light of Pride project, will be built on state land that will be leased. There are regulations, and it is not a government project. It does not use the state budget.

Following the construction, it will be supervised by the Treasury Department. The cost of construction is about 4.423 billion baht. That’s a matter for the foundation. It can’t be of use. He will let the Finance and Interior ministers explain the details.

Speaking of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) allegedly using its authority to waive fees in connection with the high-speed railway linking three airports, he said there was no collusion between the broadcasting regulator and private firms. Relevant ministers will give further clarification.