Justice Ministry coordinating with Police after attack on homepage


The Deputy Spokesman of the Royal Thai Police has made it known the agency has coordinated with the Ministry of Justice on the disruption of its website but said the origin of the hackers behind the attack have yet to be uncovered.

Deputy National Police Spokesman, Police Colonel Krisana Pattanacharoen, disclosed that the Ministry of Justice’s official homepage has been attacked by the hacker group known as Anonymous. The website has been rendered inoperable due to the attack.

Police Colonel Krisana Pattanacharoen

The ministry is coordinating with police on the issue but has yet to file a formal complaint with the Technology Crime Suppression Division.

Police General Krisana let on that initial inspection has indicated the hackers were working from abroad but admitted police have yet to pinpoint their exact location.

On measures following last week’s bomb attack in Jakarta, Indonesia, the deputy spokesman said that an order has been issued for all police divisions to integrate their work and watch over the nation’s tourism destinations and significant sites.