Justice Minister joins drugs suppression meeting in Vietnam


BANGKOK, 20 May 2015 – The Minister of Justice departed to Vietnam today, to join a meeting on drugs suppression.

The Minister of Justice Gen Paiboon Koomchaya traveled to Vietnam today to participate on a meeting to discuss narcotics suppression efforts. He said that so far, drug suppression operations have shown much progress.

The Justice Minister said that the solution to the narcotics issue will require cooperation with neighbouring countries in the Golden Triangle Group including China, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. Wider cooperation will see the inclusion of the Greater Mekong Subregion countries, and the ASEAN member countries. He said global scale operations with the global community will also be necessary.

He said that funding will be required to support the farmers in Laos and Myanmar to stop them from cultivating plants used in drug production.

A long term plan with adequate timing will be required to solve this issue. The demand for narcotics must be reduced in order for the suppression plan to succeed, and a draft for this plan will be required.