Judiciary Office Secretary-General disapproves new charter


BANGKOK, 10 May 2015 – The Secretary-General of Office of the Judiciary has expressed his disapproval for newly drafted constitution that allows outside personnel to participate in the Judicial Commission, warning that this threatens neutrality in politics.

Office of the Judiciary Secretary-General Phattarasak Vannasaeng has voiced the standpoint, on behalf of the Court of Justice, that disapproves the content of the drafted new constitution in 7 main areas related to public participation, rights, and freedom.

By allowing the outside persons to participate in the Office of the Judicial Commission, he reasoned that this will allow outside interference on the judicial resolutions. This could affect the image of the court and neutrality from the political sector.

He has said that the Constitution Drafting Committee should heed the feedback of the judicial institutes, and to carefully perform the drafting procedure with care by upholding overall benefits.

The Office of the Judiciary has issued the letter expressing comments on the 7 disapproved topics for the consideration of the Constitution Drafting Committee, while Office of the Judiciary Secretary-General has been invited to express his concerns to the constitution drafting subcommittee on 14 May 2015, where he intend to stress the concerns to conserve the neutrality of the judicial institutes and to suggest amendments in some transitory provisions to make them more complete.