ISOC apprehends Indian loan sharks in Ang Thong


Ang Thong – Thailand’s Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) soldiers have apprehended a gang of loan sharks from India operating in Ang Thong province after the group began threatening debtors.

The ISOC unit detained 38 year old Sir Ram and 27 year old Bang Res after it was reported they were providing informal loans in the Ang Thong Market area. They were apprehended with 4,970 baht in cash and two mobile phones. They were reported through the government’s 1111 hotline.

While the two denied the accusations and initially appeared to be unable to communicate in Thai, authorities had already conducted surveillance on them and collected witness accounts of their activity. They are to be charged with illegal entry as well as illegal loan provision.

One witness claimed the gang was offering loans with 20 percent interest rates and using threats of violence to ensure repayment.

It is believed the Ang Thong loan sharks are part of a network run by Bang Rayel, who was recently arrested and deported to his home country. Authorities are to expand the latest detainments to upend the network, suspected to be operating in Suphanburi, Singhburi and Saraburi.