Irrigation Department discharges onto farming areas in Chainat


CHAINAT – The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has released more water from two major dams onto agricultural areas in Chainat province.

The RID released 70 cubic meters of water per second from the Chao Phraya Dam every day for six months. The water level upstream of the dam was recorded at 15.85 meters above mean sea level (MSL). The downstream level measured 5.65 meters above MSL.

Regional Irrigation Office 12 said the RID had increased the volume of water discharged from the Bhumibol Dam and Sirikit Dam to 40 cubic meters per second, in a bid to raise water levels at the Chao Phraya Dam and irrigate 1.1 million rai of farmland along the Chao Phraya River in Chainat.

Highland agriculturists have been asked to postpone farming activities until the start of the monsoon season has been announced by the Meteorological Department.