Irrigation Department confident that heavy rain will not cause a flood crisis


BANGKOK, 20th September 2013 The Irrigation Department is confident that the currently widespread heavy rains in the lower northern region and the upper central part of Thailand will not cause a flood crisis in Bangkok. 

Mr.Suthep Noipairoj, Deputy Director General of the Irrigation Department stated that the volume of water at major dams in the central region now stays lower than 50% of capacity. Both Bhumibol Dam and the Pa Sak Cholasit Dam now hold only 40% of water each and are ready to absorb 400-500 million cubic meters of more water. The Sirikit Dam is storing water at 56% of its capacity.

Mr.Suthep is confident that the looming depressions will not cause major flooding in the central region. As for the rising water level in the Chao Phraya, the Department has warned all locals living on the banks of the river to move their belongings to a higher ground. Water pumps have been set up to help accelerate the release of flood water.