Interpol asks Thai police to watch for Indian suspect


BANGKOK, Oct 28 – Interpol has asked the Thai police to watch out for an Indian suspect who fled an Indian prison and may escape through Thailand.

Pol Lt Gen Prawuthi Thawornsiri, spokesman of the Royal Thai Police Office, said Interpol informed the Thai authrities that Jaktar Singh Tara, possibly involved with terrorism, had escaped from an Indian prison and may havey has gone to Southeast Asia. The information was sent to all concerned countries.

The spokesman quoted Interpol as reporting that the suspect might escape through southern Thailand. Local police were ordered to carefully watch out for the man.

Col Banpot Poolpien, spokesman of the Internal Security Operations Command, said Jaktar Singh Tara was a culprit in a murder case in India in 1996 and had escaped from jail in 2004.

There were reports that he fled to many Asian nations, including Thailand.

Authorities in a number of countries including Thailand had been seeking the man but his whereabouts were still unknown, Col Banpoy said.

“The news is old. I don’t know why it is reported now. Information shows that Jaktar Singh Tara is not a bomb expert and has no links with any incident in southern provinces of Thailand. The case happened 10 years ago in India and there has not been any clear information that he escaped to Thailand. The authorities simply made assumptions but the case has been followed up and coordinated among concerned countries,” Col Banpot said.