Internet usage in Thailand up


BANGKOK, 25 May 2011  – The number of internet users in Thailand last year rose by over 20 million people, according to a recent survey by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and the Internet Innovation Research Centre. 

Entertainment websites and online games were the most popular internet usage, accounting for over 60% of the total usage. Health and government agency websites got the least visitors of only 2% of the total internet usage.

As for search engine, Google still ruled the chart as the sole champion with a landslide popularity of 99%. got the most popular website award from truehits web award 2009 with over 800,000 visitors daily. got the popular television website award.

NSTDA Director Thaweesak Koanantakool stated that the Internet has become more important for the Thai society as information can be disseminated very fast while people can access and search for information from any parts of the world.

Mr Thaweesak added that data collected from the NSTDA survey will help entrepreneurs improve and meet demand of people while also helping in the mapping out of appropriate internet usage policy for Thais.