Interior Ministry to solve land disputes in Phuket


PHUKET – The Ministry of Interior has told the authorities in Phuket province to prevent future violence among those involved in land disputes.

According to Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda, an investigation will be launched to identify the legal owner of the land located near Rawai beach, where the conflict began. He said both sides must learn to coexist peacefully until the case is resolved. A security unit has also been instructed to maintain law and order.

The ministry has also allowed a group of people to make a living on a small designated forest area, as well as on lands issued under a scheme for agricultural zoning and several other public spaces. The government will refrain from issuing title deeds for these areas, as these lands are only being used in a relief capacity.

Meanwhile, Gen Anupong said that anyone found to have broken the law will be prosecuted indiscriminately. The statement was made following a report of corruption in the five million baht per subdistrict scheme.