Insurgent killed, one surrenders, in clash with government force


NARATHIWAT, Dec 19 – One presumed insurgent was killed, while another surrendered during a gunfight with a combined force of police and army personnel in this restive southern province on Monday.

The government force raided targeted areas in Ruso district Monday early morning after suspecting that members of the insurgent group Runda Kumpulan Kecil (RKK) were hiding there, preparing to launch violent attacks.

As the authorities searched for irregularities at a house, they were fired on by the insurgents. The government force countered the attack and a shootout lasted about ten minutes, ending when an insurgent identified later as Abdulromae Ha-rae, 31, called out his surrender.

The dead body of another insurgent was found at the scene, and was identified as Ruslan Maneng, 30. An AK-47 assault rifle and cartridges were also found near his body.

Security personnel searched another house and found explosive devices and other traces of RKK members having stayed there, but they had left the building before the authorities arrived.