Institute of Security Psychology presents approach towards tourism policy


Bangkok, 30th August 2018 – Students at the Institute of Security Psychology of the National Defense Studies Institute, have presented their approach to tourism policy to mobilize the Thailand 4.0 agenda.

ACM Chatchai Boonyaprapatsara, Advisor at the National Defense Studies Institute, unveiled the research findings on promoting security, prosperity, and sustainability in the tourism sector.

Tourism and Sports Minister Wirasak Kowsoorad, said today the country’s tourism policy must focus on generating income for grassroots economies to reduce social inequality. Its policies must therefore focus on drawing tourists to locations throughout the country, creating appeal for lesser-known attractions.

Last year, over 35 million people visited Thailand, and the country posted 7-9% annual growth in the tourism sector. This year, the country expects to welcome up to 37 million tourists.