Indonesia’s Sumatra earthquake felt in Thailand’s Phuket


PHUKET, Oct 27 – Residents of this province did not panic when the tremour from the earthquake in Indonesia’s Northern Sumatra was felt here this morning.

The 5.3 Richter scale magnitude was determined to have occurred  24 kilometers underground at 7.02am. It happened 256 kilometers from Phuket.

Emergency medical staff inPhuket received many phone calls about the tremor–from Ko Sirey, Karon Beach, Surin Beach and many other areas of Phuket, especially seaside ones.

The local disaster response service reported that the sea level remained normal in their areas and the National Disaster Warning Centre did not issue any tsunami warning.

Besides, local residents did not panic about the incident.

Thanit Nuyim, Satun provincial natural resources and environment chief, said Satun’s island residents, including Koh Lipe and those at the Pak Bara Port did not feel the quake and tourists were arriving in the province as usual.

He said that local residents were well prepared about quakes, precautions and when evacuations were necessary as they had experienced a big incident late last year.