Indonesian haze has no impact on Thai tourism


BANGKOK, June 24 – The Indonesian forest fire-produced haze, which has affected Singapore and Malaysia, has not yet impacted Thailand’s tourism, said Surapong Techaroowichit, chairman of the Thai Hotels Association.

There is no sign that the haze will affect Thai tourism as there have been no cancellations of room and tour bookings during this period, he said.

Thai tourism is running normally and continues to grow beyond last year’s numbers.

Haze in Pekanbaru on Indonesia’s Sumatra island worsen Monday, causing eye and nose irritation and forcing residents and tourists alike to wear protective face masks.

Volunteers are distributing masks on main roads in Pekanbaru where visibility has dropped to about 800 metres.

Regarding the joint Thai-Indonesian air force exercise “Elang Thainesia 2013” set to be held today through July 5, the concerned authorities are assessing the haze situation to decide  it will impact the drill or not. The first flight exercise will be held tomorrow.