Indonesian forest fire smoke causing poor vision for drivers and sailors


NARATHIWAT, 24 July 2014 – Smoke caused by forest fires in Indonesia is now affecting people’s vision while driving and sailing. The air quality has diminished to 62 micrograms.

The Director of Narathiwat Meteorological Office Manee Uttarak has revealed that the smoke from forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia has covered many Southern provinces of Thailand including Narathiwat. The air quality measured today is 62 microgram per cubic meter which is lower than three days earlier but is still at a moderate level. It has no negative impact on public health but causes poor vision at a 200 – 300 meter distance for drivers and sailors. Those who drive or sail, therefore, are advised to be cautious while traveling at this time.

Currently, south-west monsoon conditions and south-east winds are entering Narathiwat province, bringing thicker smoke into the air. However, rainfall is expected to increase by 40 – 60%, which could clear the smoke away.