Incense sticks may be cause of fire


On August the 14th the emergency services rushed to fire at a 3-storey commercial building opposite Soi 18 on second road in the south of the city.

The building has a laundry shop on the basement and a number of rooms for rent on the upper floor, the fire was in one of these rooms and fire fighters took about 30 minutes to extinguish the flames.

Furniture, bedding, a table and electrical devices worth a total of over 20,000 baht were destroyed.

The tenant 27 year old Sriran Sornchaipoom said she lit up candles and incense sticks to pray to god on the Chinese praying day and went down to eat something nearby.

Perhaps amber from the incense sticks got blown onto the bedding which may have started the fire.

Incense sticks may be cause of fire