Importer of Vespa motorcycles faces over 500 million tax evasion charges


Sole distributer of Vespa motorcycles in Thailand, Vespiario Thailand Company, has been accused of evading taxes worth more than 500 million baht for motorcycles imported into the country from Vietnam during 2010-2013.


The tax office of the Department of Special Investigation on Thursday submitted its findings about Vespiario Thailand’s alleged tax evasion to the Office of Attorney-General with a recommendation that tax evasion charges should be brought against the company.

The DSI reported that the company imported Vespa motorcycles into the country from Vietnam by sea through Laem Chabang deep-sea port and by air through Suvarnabhumi international airport during 2010-2013.

The department said that the company allegedly evaded paying 500 million baht in import tariffs, 17 million baht in excise tax, 40 million baht in VAT and 1.5 million baht in municipal tax.

It was reported that a representative of the company had acknowledged the charges at the OAG.