ICT Ministry is setting up national cyber protection system against online crimes


BANGKOK, 27 April 2012  – In an attempt to keep all types of cyber and electronic crimes in Thailand at bay, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), ThaiCERT, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) and an American company ‘Cymantec Corp.’ have been cooperating in establishing a national security system in cyberspace. 

ICT Permanent Secretary Mrs. Jeerawan Boonperm said all the four organizations have signed an agreement to create a system that not only protects online users but also analyzes threats and identify their whereabouts. She said the new technology would significantly assure safety for online banking for people and businesses.

The popularity of online transactions, she said, is expected to increase in terms of both value and services once the security system is up and running. According to her, the move will also boost Thailand’s ability to build a safe environment on the internet and deal with any types of cyber crime. Any threats detected will be useful for Thailand to become better prepared to combat them in the future.