ICAO acknowledges progress in Thai aviation sector


BANGKOK – International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has acknowledged that its latest assessment of Thailand’s civil aviation sector found no security concerns but has issued a list of 49 recommendations for improvement.

Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) Chula Sukmanop that an ICAO evaluation of the Kingdom’s public flight sector under the USAP-CMA program, which took place between July 11-21, found no issues for concern over security even with a 463 point check-list. It noted that most areas in need of improvement are currently undergoing development and listed only 49 recommendations for further work.

Thailand will be able to contest any points of the assessment over the next 30 days and then submit a revised improvement plan to the ICAO.

Among the 49 suggestions, was a call for more security personnel both from CAAT and for airports themselves to avoid fatigue among the present personnel. Specific security plans for each airport in the nation were also suggested, as only 38 currently exist.