Human trafficking problem expected to improve


BANGKOK, Oct 9 Social Development and Human Security Minister Pol Gen Adul Sangsingkeo said Thursday he is confident that the human trafficking problem in Thailand could improve and Washington would in future lift the country’s negative rating.

Gen Adul told journalists after chairing a meeting with ministry officials on current social problems and on finding ways to solve the problem that the ministry has cooperated with a number of government agencies including the Royal Thai Police, and the Public Health and Interior ministries while concerned authorities have been instructed to update information through social networks because it has become an important source for information regarding the problem.

The minister said he had coordinated with the Department of Special Investigation in following cases involving human trafficking in order to make foreign governments understand that the Thai government is determined to solve the problem.

On June 20, Washington downgraded Thailand in its annual report on Trafficking in Persons as it dropped the country to “Tier 3” after holding the kingdom at the Tier 2 warning list for four consecutive years.

The US has accused five Thai industries – shrimp, textiles, sugarcane, pornographic materials and fisheries – of using child and forced labour.