Homemade Bomb Explodes in Temple


Banglamung police officers rushed to Wat Nongketnoi in  Nongplalai district after receiving a report of a ping pong bomb that went off and injured a novice monk.

At the temple’s they found 17 year old novice Patsapong Sukharam who suffered minor burns on his face and neck. 

He was transferred to Baan Nong Hua Rad medical care center.

Patsapong said at about 8.30am, he was sweeping the temple’s ground when he found three crudely made ping pong bombs on the floor.

He said it was with his good intention to keep everyone else safe that he wanted to dismantle the bombs.

He said while he was opening and pouring the gunpowder out of one of them an explosion one exploded about a meter away from him and the wind blew the gunpowder on to his face and neck.

Police kept the other two intact ping pong bombs so that they could be disposed of safely.

The police surmised said the bombs could belong to some teenagers who somehow were afraid to carry them around and left them there.

Homemade Bomb Explodes in Temple