His Majesty’s condition improves as diverticulitis treated


BANGKOK, 13 November 2014 – His Majesty the King has been given a change in antibiotics to cure the diverticulitis in the large intestine which became infected again after a period of improvement, the Royal Household Bureau said in a statement on Thursday. 

The statement quoted doctors tending HM the King at Siriraj Hospital as saying that His Majesty’s condition had earlier improved generally, prompting them to stop administering antibiotics. However, the abdominal pain, fever, and a change in bowel habits returned to His Majesty, causing his breathing and heart beat to go faster. Chest x-ray on His Majesty showed his lung was functioning normally, however.

Doctors therefore conducted a special method of blood tests and inspection of the abdomen using ultrasound and computerized x-ray examination. Results showed inflammation of a bulging pouch in the large intestine. The doctors then gave him saline solution and new antibiotics intravenously to treat the infection, resulting in his fever reduced and general condition improving.

The royal team of doctors also explained that as the diverticulitis which happened from time to time, visited His Majesty faster than last time, they have asked His Majesty to take the antibiotics intravenously for a longer period under each prescription.