Heavy Rains in Lampang cause flooding


LAMPANG, 21 August 2014  – Heavy rain overnight caused flash floods in two districts of Lampang province.

Officers from Jae Hom sub-district municipality, officers from Mueang Pan District and officers from the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation went out to inspect damage in the two affected districts of Jae Hom and Mueang Pan early this morning after continuous downpours for many days but especially last night’s heavy rain which measured 105 millimeters brought about widespread flooding.

A total of 20 Households in Jae Sorn, Mueng Pan district were affected, along with damage to a concrete bridge connecting the villages of Din Dum of Jae Sorn district and Ban Dorn Kaew Village of Mueang Pan district. The bridge is now unusable; the approach to the bridge heading to Jae Sorn National Park was also damaged by the flooding.

Mueng Mai sub-district of Jae Hom district was affected by flooding as water streamed in from Tham Pha Thai National Park, damaging 10 households. The flash flood also badly affected rice fields in the area covering 100 rai.

Currently, rain in the area has eased and officers are inspecting the area for damage, in a bid to restore the region and give aid and assistance.