Heavy rains forecast in most parts of Thailand later this week


Bangkok – The Meteorological Department has warned people across the country of the impact of a tropical storm expected to make landfall on Thursday.

According to meteorologists, a high-pressure system from China, which is approaching the upper parts of the country and the South China Sea, will bring heavy rains, strong winds, and hailstorms to certain parts of Thailand later this week.

The North, North East, East and the Central Region including Bangkok and its vicinity, will be affected on Thursday and Friday. People have been advised to brace themselves for possible flooding and stay indoors as large trees and street signs can be knocked down by strong winds.

However, the amount of rainfall will begin to decrease on the east coast and in the northeastern region on the weekend. Heavy rains have also been forecast in southern provinces from April 7th to 9th.

Conditions in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand will not be ideal for any fishing activities. Captains of fishing boats should navigate their passage carefully as waves could reach three meters high.