Heavy rain, swollen river trigger continuing floods in North


SUKHOTHAI, June 13 – Flooding in Thailand’s northern provinces continues due to heavy rain and the overflowing Yom River.

The Yom River has overflowed into a number of villages and damaged about 4,000 acres of farmland in Sukhothai. Overnight heavy rain forced local residents in Pakpra subdistrict in the provincial seat to evacuate to temporary shelter in tents on higher ground beside a roadway Tuesday night.

However, the water level in the Yom River dropped slowly from 7.20 to 6.15 metres, measured at a station near the governor’s residence, resulting in eased flooding in some areas.

The municipality has completed repairs of a damaged sluice gate eroded by flood water, causing flooding at Kuhasawan community for the past two days. Workers are pumping out water from flooded areas into the Yom River.

Sukhothai meteorological station director Praphruet Yodpaiboon said that the southwest monsoon triggered rainfall in Sukhothai, and that the Yom River must be closely monitored and local residents should pay attention to weather forecasts.

In Phichit, flooding is still critical after waters from swollen Yom River, combined with flash flood in canals flowing from Kamphaeng Phet, deluged Samngam district.

Some areas are under one metre of water. The local irrigation office is working to divert water from the Yom River into a canal outlet, connecting with the Nan River, to ease the current flooding.