Heavy rain hampers railway repair in North


LUMPHUN, Sept 9 – Heavy rain in the northern province of Lamphun has obstructed filling in a sinkhole under the main rail line between Lamphun and Chiang Mai, leaving Lamphun-Chiang Mai without rail service.

Flash flood caused the emergence of the sinkhole under an about 30 metre section of railway, now left dangling in the air.

Incessant rain and ongoing flooding plus the hill-side location makes the repair work more difficult. The railway said it will take at least three more days to finish the task.

Iirrigation officials in Phisanulok warned that residents of three districts—Phrom Phiram,  Phitsanulok provincial seat and Bang Rakam –should move their belongings and household pets to higher ground after run-off from upstream Phrae and Sukhothai flowed into low-lying areas near the Yom River. The water level in the rivers branch canals is increasing.

The irrigation department is gearing up to divert water from the Yom River to the Nan River as much as possible to ease flooding.

In the southern province of Trang, as rain has continued for several days, Khao Bantad Wildlife Sanctuary has banned swimming. Twelve waterfalls have been closed due to flood risks following signs of more torrents and murky waters to come.