All hearts are united for the beloved King on Saturday


All Thais from the deep south to the hilly jungles of the north are now heading to Bangkok for the historic gathering in front of the Grand Palace tomorrow where over a million hearts will unite and sing together the Royal Anthem for their beloved King.


All trains and buses leaving for Bangkok today and yesterday from all stations and bus terminals were all full with the people.

It was expected that the gathering tomorrow as invited by the government will witness over a million people attending to express their love and loyalty to the King as this would be once in their life time event.

The government is inviting all Thais to join in singing the Royal Anthem at an historic event to be held at Sanam Luang ground in front of the Grand Palace.

This historic event will be taped and will be played at all TV stations and cinemas.

Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd, the spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, said the invitation is for the general public to participate in a sing-along of the Royal Anthem at Sanam Luang field in front of the Grand Palace tomorrow.

The event is scheduled to begin at 1.00 pm and will be led by 100 musicians and singers from the Siam Philharmonic Orchestra.

The orchestra will be conducted by Ajarn Somtow Sucharitkun, one of Thailand’s most gifted and diverse artist, and Prince Chatree Chalermyukhon will oversee both the video and audio taping of this historic event in remembrance of the Thai people’s beloved monarch.

The event will be made into a documentary and video-documentary that will be shown at all TV stations and cinemas in the country, he said.

Every one interested in participating in the event has been advised to wear appropriate formal black attire which includes black shoes.

If possible attendees should bring along white candles to be lit.

If not possible, then these will be provided onsite.

A formal rehearsal will be performed at 10.00 am before the actual event and the public can ask for further details by dialing 089 – 949 – 5629.