Health minister admires Sufficiency Economy at central provincial hospitals


NONTHABURI – Public Health Minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn admired central provinces for handling health issues and developing healthcare systems under the Sufficiency Economy.

PHOTO:Health minister admires Sufficiency Economy at central provincial hospitals 1JPG

The health minister who visited hospitals in Supanburi province prior to a recent roving cabinet meeting in Ayutthaya said the operations of the Fifth Health District, which is responsible for 11 million people in 10 provinces, had yielded excellent outcomes.

He said the 17th Supreme Patriarch Hospital has implemented the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in hospital management, including the Green&Clean Hospital waste management campaign and measures to prevent excessive drug uses.

“Many things that have been done in these hospitals are good examples for others to follow suit. Shupanburi is also performing well in other areas such as healthcare for the elderly and moderate drug uses,” he said.

The ministry’s inspector-general for the Fifth Health District said six issues needed to be urgently addressed, including food safety, age-based health promotion especially among elderly persons, the promotion of herbal medicine, the development of family care units, the development of digital database, and the development of speciailzed healthcare facilities in heart diseases, cancer, and accidents.