Health awareness is urgently needed as more Thais get lifestyle sickness


BANGKOK, 30 May 2011 -Labor Ministry permanent secretary Somkiat Chayasriwong has revealed that the number of Thai people getting ill has increased. He raised the alarms and reiterated to the public health sector to devise a long term solution plan to promote good health for Thai people. 

Mr. Somkiat , also in his capacity as the President of the Social Security Office (SSO), said more Thais have become sick largely due to their lifestyles, adding that this could increase financial burden to the Office. Hospitals that are in partnership with the SSO will eventually have to demand for more money to treat increasing patients.

Meanwhile, the SSO will collaborate with the Health System Research Institute, the Ministry of Public Health and the Comptroller-General’s Department in promoting the awareness of good health for the Thai people as it will also help cut the spendings in the healthcare system.