Haze from Indonesian forest fire blankets southern Thai provinces


SONGKHLA, July 6 – Thailand’s southern provinces of Songkha and Satun have been blanketed in haze from current Indonesian forest fires.

Thin haze covers a number of areas including a road linking business district of Hat Yai and the Muang Songkhla district, causing poor visibility.

It is believed that the smog came from forest fires in Indonesia swept by the monsoon to the South of Thailand.

The local meteorological department in Songkhla has checked the weather conditions and the fire situation in Indonesia.

According to the department, hundreds of forest fires occurred in the mid- and lower parts of Sumatra. The southwest monsoon, covering Thailand’s southern region, is possibly blowing haze to the lower South of Thailand.

Pol Lt-Col Banjerd Manavej, Inspector of the marine police division said haze has also blanketed Satun province for several days and became intensified on Tuesday. Fishing boats are warned to proceed with caution.