GSB’s ATMs are to resume normal services in early September


GSB’s ATMs are to resume normal services in early September
The Government Savings Bank’s ATM services are expected to resume normal operations to serve customers in early September, the bank’s managing director Chartchai Payuhanavichai said on Saturday.

He disclosed that the Scottish company, NCR, which manufactured the ATMs used by the bank, had updated the programme to prevent attacks by Malware virus used by a gang of eastern European skimmers which managed to steal about 12 million baht from the bank’s NCR teller machines in southern provinces within a period between July and August.

The first updated programme, which is the first in Asia-Pacific, is ready to be delivered to the GSB and to be installed at the existing NCR teller machines, said Mr Chartchai, adding that 60 teams of computer programmers are to be dispatched to install the programme at a rate of 200 ATMs a day.

Also, the same updated programme will be sent to all its customers in the world by the manufacturer.

ATMs at shopping malls will be given the top priority as there are more customers using the service, said the GSB managing director, adding that the bank’s existing ATMs which are of a different brand are working normally and have not been suspended.

The bank plans to install an addition of 1,000 new ATMs of different brands namely Omron and Wincor to serve the needs of customers in places where the services are not available.