Govt unveils reconciliation mascot Nong Kiao Koi


Bangkok – The government has unveiled a mascot, Nong Kiao Koi, as a new ambassador of reconciliation.

The debut of Nong Kiao Koi took place at Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok on Friday, with the assistant to the Ministry of Defense’ spokesperson, Col Wanchana Sawatdee leading the PR activity.

Col Wanchana said the activity was to help the public to understand their rights and duties in the current constitution to foster unity, such as legal compliance, mutual respect for each other’s rights, concerted efforts for social harmony and opposing all forms of corruption.

The assistant to the Ministry of Defense’ spokesperson also mentioned the government’s plan to continue with its campaign to promote national solidarity, saying the campaign will penetrate all areas to foster public understanding of the government’s intention.