Govt to enact new law preventing civil servants from taking bribes


BANGKOK, 5 February 2015 – The government will be enforcing a new law aimed at preventing civil servants taking bribes and increasing public service accessibility. 

According to the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission, the law has been drafted to accommodate people and businessmen when they visit public organizations.

The law is expected to speed up the entire process. The decision to come up with the law was attributed to the intricate nature of the civil servant service system which often leads to bribery.

According to the law, a handbook must be provided to the public, indicating what they are required to do when seeking services from public organizations.

After studying the handbook, people should be well-informed what they are supposed to do before visiting the public service office. No civil servant staff would be allowed to demand from visitors any amount of money more than what is stated in the handbook.

The officials are obligated to provide explanation to the public should the paperwork take longer than 7 days to complete. The law will take effect on July 27th.