Govt spokesman calls on demonstrators to respect rights of others


BANGKOK, 2 December 2013 The government has called on the protesters to respect the rights of others, saying that the protesters have the right to express themselves as long as their expressions are in line with the law. 

Government spokesman Teerat Ratanasevi made the statement amid the rising political tension, saying all demonstrations should not violate the rights of other people and should abide by the law and democratic principles, while asserting that the government will as well act in accordance with the internationally accepted principles.

Following recent clashes between police officers and the anti-government demonstrators, the spokesman said the reason why tear-gas grenades were used against the protesters was because the police had to protect the Government House as the protesters attempted to break into the premises. The Government House is currently being protected by the Internal Security Act (ISA), which prevents unauthorized persons from trespassing in restricted areas.

Spokesman Teerat also reiterated that the government has the situation under control, while affirming that the government is open for talks and hopes peace will be restored in the country soon.