Govt instructed serious punishment on forest burning


BANGKOK, 4 March 2012  – The government has instructed authorities to take harsh legal action against those responsible for the continued forest fire crisis in Thailand’s northern region. 

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Woravat Auapinyakul said that the government has instructed the Region 5 Provincial Police office, which is in charge of the the northern region, to step up its efforts to arrest people found burning the forest; in order to help tackle the forest fire and haze crisis.

Mr. Woravat added that he has collaborated with the Local Administration Department to work closely with all offices under its supervision to bring out trucks to spray water on the roads and plants to induce moisture in the air and reduce small dust particles.

The PM’s Office Minister said that all parties are to work closely together to solve this problem. He also suggested that young students should be taught about the sources and the danger of haze as they can act as effective messengers to relay the information to their parents, who may engage in forest burning.