Government urges people to make donations for flood victims


BANGKOK, 12 September 2011 -The Thai government is urging people in the country to make donations to help people affected by floods on Wednesday at the Parliament Building.

The event will be held from 20.30 hrs – 21.30 hrs and will also be televised live on Channel 9. The purpose of this event is to get all the helps from every sector to rescue and prolong the livelihood of flood victims.

According to Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Ms. Kritsana Seehalak, Channel 11 will be providing viewers with daily updates on the weather forecast and the water levels from the Department of Royal Irrigation.

The Coordination Centre for Floods, Storms and Mudslides revealed that 202,760 homes were still submerged in 16 provinces across the country. 80 people are dead while 5 people are still missing.

Meanwhile, roads are currently being repaired in Uttaradit province where mudslides destroyed them recently. The Governor of Uttaradit will present to the Cabinet tomorrow the estimated value of the damages as a result of heavy rains.