Government to hold Nepal aid meeting this Friday, PM urges more probe of Rohingya camp


BANGKOK, 6 May 2015 – The government will hold a meeting regarding Nepal earthquake aid and relief operations this Friday, while the Prime Minister has urged further inspections to locate any undiscovered Rohingya camps, according a spokesman.

The Deputy Spokesman of the Prime Minister’s Office Maj Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd has announced the outcome of the teleconference meeting from the Prime Minister’s Operation Center to Nepal regarding aid and relief operations.

He has said that the Thailand’s team of military and medical personnel will continue their services in Nepal until 10 May 2015, while the government has requested officials in Nepal to detail the items and methods of aid in need, ranked in necessity.

He also mentioned that the Thai government is ready to support the establishment of the country’s center for restoration efforts through funding and other forms of support, based on the Thai team’s report from Nepal. The government will hold a meeting regarding this matter this Friday (8 May 2015).

On the issue of Rohingya refugees, the Deputy Spokesman has reported that the Prime Minister has already urged all local level officials to check for any signs of Rohingya detention camps in their areas, and to be vigilant to respond should another camp be discovered.

The Prime Minister has also assigned local administrative bodies to inspect for any unlawful items in the area within 10 days, while the Department of Provincial Administration will be the spearhead responsible for this operation. A conference with all related agencies will be held to notify the government’s policy regarding this issue.

The Prime Minister has also mentioned that he could be enforcing his authority under Article 44 to solve this issue, should any interference from government officials surface.