Government to focus on bettering daily life in 2020


BANGKOK – The government has resolved to focus on improving the daily lives of citizens next year, with a more targeted approach taking particular aim at farmers, low-income earners, senior citizens, employees and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


The Government Spokeswoman, Prof. Dr. NarumonPinyosinwat, said today that state work in 2020 will be centered around living standards, with plans being tailored to specific groups ranging from farmers to SMEs and startups.

In the agricultural sector, the government will seek to develop full cycle growers and BCG or Bio-Economy, Circular Economy and Green Economy farmers. Production will take cues from market demand both domestically and in the export sector.

For low-income earners, qualifications for the welfare scheme will be adjusted based on the already registered 14.6 million people. Adjustments will be made so that the program genuinely serves those in need.

As for the elderly, of whom there are about 11.35 million people in the country, the government has identified that only 8.4 million are receiving a stipend with the rest mostly living on pensions provided by their state office jobs. Some 5 million senior citizens hold a welfare card with another 4.6 million still working, 3.59 million of whom are informal workers such as farmers. These facts will inform intended support for the group.

Meanwhile, the nation’s 14.6 million employed workers, are still dealing with high living costs, with the government acknowledging that while many earn over 100,000 baht a year they do not qualify for welfare. Relevant ministries have been tapped to work with private firms to better care for workers, and financial institutions have been told to issue measures to lighten their burden of debt.

The final group, SMEs and startups, will be elevated in 2020 through the application of innovations, knowledge and capital. The government will seek to release businesses from their current limitations.