Government to launch TAXI OK app to rival Uber taxi


BANGKOK-The Department of Land Transport is set to launch a mobile phone application called ‘DLT TAXI VIP’ on April 21st to regain public trust and confidence in Thai taxi services.

Thailand News - 08-04-17 1 NNT Government to launch TAXI OK app to rival Uber taxi 1

According to Land Transport Department Director-General Sanit Promwong, the application will be released under a TAXI OK program in an effort to raise the standards of existing taxi services in Bangkok.

Taxi operators who wish to join the program must have credible business qualifications. Once approved by the Department of Land Transport, they must install a GPS tracking device, a CCTV camera, an emergency button and a digital monitor in their taxis.

Details of the drivers and their vehicles will be linked to the Department of Land Transport’s GPS center and their operators’ data systems.

Sanit said the TAXI OK-TAXI VIP application will be very efficient in getting mobile users a taxi. Drivers will be monitored via the CCTV camera in a move that will prevent them from harassing passengers or forcing them to pay more than they should.

A special team will be set up to bring any taxi driver who has misbehaved or committed serious offences to justice. The Director-General added operators of Grab Bar and Uber can also join the program but they must comply with the requirements.