Government ensures aid to drought affected persons in all areas


BANGKOK – The government assures the public on its drought relief aid that all affected areas will receive help according to a fair criterion, and asks the public to help conserve water during the upcoming Songkran Festival. 

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation’s (DDPM) Director-General Chatchai Promlert has said that the government highly prioritizes on the drought mitigation measures through the careful allocation of the nation’s water resources, which are much lower than usual this year.

He said the authorities have been appointed to carry out rainmaking operations, survey water shortage in various areas, in order to commission relief aid without having to officially declaration of the drought disaster status.

Only the areas which are severely affected by the drought will be designated as disaster zones, while the affected farms will be assessed by government officials to enable future subsidiary payments through the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives.

The DDPM is also preparing over 6,000 water tankers to deliver water to the areas which are suffering from shortages.

The DDPM director-general has further stated regarding the upcoming Songkran Festival, that the government is campaigning for the general public to use water in an appropriate amount, according to water availability in areas. This campaign will seek to ensure appropriate conservation, to both water resources and the Kingdom’s traditions.