Government agency imposes new price regulation on motorcycle taxis


BANGKOK – The Department of Land Transport (DLT) has adjusted the calculation of motorcycle taxi fares in a bid to ensure fairness for passengers and prevent them from being taken advantage of.

DLT Director-General Sanit Phromwong stated that changes in the motorcycle taxi fare calculation have been included in a newly-issued ministerial regulation. He elaborated that the fare for the first two kilometers will be kept at no more than 25 baht and that collected for the third to the fifth kilometer will remain at 5 baht per kilometer.

Nonetheless, the fare after the fifth kilometer will be changed from a negotiable rate to a flat rate of 10 baht per kilometer. From the fifteenth kilometer onwards, the motorcycle taxi rider can charge the passenger 10 baht per kilometer or negotiate for an agreeable price.

The alterations are aimed at protecting the rights of service users and giving them fairness. Each motorcycle taxi stand is now required to clearly display fare rates. DLT officials across the country will be sent out to ensure service providers’ compliance with the new regulation while passengers are encouraged to file any complaints to the DLT Hotline 1584.