Government considers setting up independent organization for country reform


BANGKOK, 25 December 2013  – Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has agreed in principle with the proposal to set up an independent organization for country reform, while calling on protesters not to shut down Bangkok during the New Year’s period.

On Tuesday, Ms. Yingluck expressed agreement with the country reform proposals from 7 private sector organizations. Thongthong Chantharangsu, permanent secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister, was assigned to compile the proposals from every party that engaged in various discussions about the reform. If the proposals could fit into a certain pathway, then it could be carried out within a year.

Ms. Yingluck asked the protesters not to shut down the capital, saying doing so during the holiday season would not bode well for people’s happiness and would also affect the country’s economy.

Asked about the protesters’ demand that the Shinawatra family stay away from politics, Ms. Yingluck said she would have the public decide on the matter via election. She was ready to accept any poll result that might indicate the Shinawatra family was no longer of benefit to the country.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Phongthep Thepkanchana said on Tuesday that the proposal to issue an emergency decree for the establishing of a country reform organization will be submitted to Wednesday’s cabinet meeting for thorough deliberation. However, he noted that any developments must be in accord with the constitution.