Government closely monitoring drought and its effects on agriculture


BANGKOK – Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said the government had been keeping a close watch on the drought situation as well as its effects on agriculture. 

In his national televised address, the prime minister said the combined amount of water stored in large and medium sized reservoirs throughout Thailand was reportedly as low as 39 million cubic meters, which is 5.3 million cubic meters lower than what Thailand had in the previous year.

In order to prevent water scarcity in the future, he said everyone must use water more efficiently whereas the government would strictly exercise the national water management plan, so that there would be enough supply for consumption, agriculture, and the industrial sector.

In terms of alleviating the effects of the ongoing dry season, he said the government had approved a number of assistance measures which would serve as an emergency response. He added the government would make sure that farmers do not have to struggle in times of disaster.