Government and state enterprise premises off limits for alcoholic drinks


BANGKOK, Aug 24 – A new regulation prohibiting the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages on the premises of government offices and state enterprises which came into force on Thursday will possibly minimise overall drinking at a certain level, according to a health official.

Dr Samarn Footrakul, director of the Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control, said the regulation, added to the 2008 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, makes it clear to everyone once and for all.

Prior to the addition of the regulation, it was unclear whether it was legal or not for government agencies and state enterprises to allow the sales and distribution of alcoholic drinks on their premises.

However, club houses on their premises are allowed to sell and distribute alcoholic drinks as usual.

The ban is extended to areas around the premises of government offices and state enterprises.

Dr Samarn said the ban may reduce the drinking volume at a small level while traders will continue to intensify their marketing promotions to lure younger drinkers.

A survey found that the success rate of teenagers in buying alcoholic beverages is 98.7 per cent.

They can easily buy alcoholic drinks during daytime and nighttime at grocery stores, convenience stores and department stores, he said, adding that the imposed time limit for sales of alcoholic drinks has not been strictly enforced.

It shows our weakness in enforcing the law including the age limit on buyers and time limit on traders, he concluded.