GLO to ban retailers selling lottery tickets higher than 80 baht


The Government Lottery Office (GLO) will no longer allow charitable organizations and retailers to make advance reservations for lottery tickets, if they are found selling them at prices higher than 80 baht.


GLO board member Lieutenant Colonel Noon Sansanakom and GLO Spokesperson Thanawat Polwichai visited a lottery ticket distribution center near Khao San Road in Bangkok after receiving complaints that some lottery tickets were being sold at a price higher than 80 baht a piece.

Several private and charitable organizations are reportedly selling lottery tickets in bulk. The smallest unit which contains five tickets may cost 500 to 600 baht.

However, customers were most upset with ticket vendors when they were forced to pay more than 80 baht for a lottery ticket. GLO officials said they would regularly inspect prices of tickets being sold by retailers from now on.

The GLO is considering banning registered retailers or organizations found to have broken the rules, while those not registered with the GLO will be put on a blacklist.