Giant mud crab discovered in Phuket


PHUKET, 14 October 2014  Locals in the famous island of Phuket have discovered a giant mud crab weighing nearly 3 kilograms.

Kasit Padungkan, a 29 year-old local in Phuket, held the crab in front of the media’s camera before sending it to the provincial office of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources where it would be kept for display and for researchers to study.

Investigations confirm that it was a male crab weighing 2.8 kilograms and measured at least 2 feet from its left to right claw. The crab’s scientific name is Scylla serrata and is commonly known among the locals as “Poo Thonglang.”

According to Mr. Kasit, he had bought the crab from an associate of his at a price of 700 baht. However, he decided to offer the crab to the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources instead since it was a rather rare catch.

The last time a crab like this had been appeared in Phuket was back during 30-40 years ago. The crab population has reduced significantly due to the destruction of mangrove forests and the spread of shrimp farming within the area.

Realizing this problem, the locals along with the subdistrict administration organization (SAO) and other government agencies have worked together to replant several mangroves and now the crab population is starting to recover considerably.