Full-scale emergency response exercise held at Phuket Airport


PHUKET, 11 September 2015 – Phuket International Airport conducted its 2015 annual full-scale emergency response training exercise with a simulated situation of a plane skidding off runway during the night.

Monrudee Gettuphan, General Manager of Phuket International Airport, said that the airport realized the importance of its readiness to deal with an aviation crisis at any time. It therefore holds an exercise annually with the theme of each exercise changing year by year.

The exercise allows the airport to train its crisis officials and rescuers to achieve greater understanding of their roles in a crisis and how to best deliver assistance timely and appropriately to a particular situation.

She said staff readiness can reduce loss caused by aviation accidents and ensure safety standard for all passengers. She also confirmed that Phuket International Airport has an efficient aviation system and regulations preventing accidents caused unintentionally by the airport staff.