Former Thaksin’s lawyer charged after stealing his money


BANGKOK, 16 July 2012  – A Dubai court has sentenced a former lawyer of Thaksin Shinawatra for stealing the ex-Prime Minister’s money during the Man City sale transaction. 

According to a media website from the United Arab Emirates,, an Emirati partner and manager of a well-known Dubai law firm known as KM was acquitted of embezzlement and forgery but convicted of breach of trust.

The 45-year-old KM was Mr Thaksin’s lawyer, acting on his behalf during the sales of Man City Football Club. The report said the former lawyer took around 3 billion baht from the transaction for his personal use.

The Dubai Misdemeanors Court sentenced KM for three years for breach of trust. It was reported that the lawyer use Mr Thaksin’s money to purchase a private jet and other personal financial transactions.

Mr. KM pleaded not guilty and asked the court to consider corruption cases pending Mr Thaksin, who pressed charges against him.