Foreigner crashes into massive digger on beach road


At 4.30am on August the 5th police and Sawang Boriboon foundation personnel rushed to a road accident at the entrance of Pattaya beach Soi 10 to find a seriously injured foreign man, approximately 40 to 45  years of age, he was yelling and in a great deal of pain and had a nasty wound on his face.

He had crashed his motorbike into a digger that was parked in the right hand lane, he was furious and refused any help from the medical team however he was losing so much blood they had to insist on treating him before transferring him to the Memorial Hospital.

One witness told police that he saw the man riding at high speed and could not stop in time when he saw the digger.

Questions have to be asked, as to why the man did not see the digger, was he driving too fast, was he drunk? was there flashing warning lights to tell people that a twenty ton digger was blocking the road and the biggest question of all, will anybody learn from this to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Foreigner crashes into massive digger on beach road