Food quality control stepped up at Suvarnabhumi airport


AMUT PRAKAN, Nov 26  – Suvarnabhumi Airport director Sutheerawat Suwannarat has ordered the operators of restaurants and food shops at the airport to strictly control food quality and cleanliness after a passenger found sausage bread sold at a food shop there was contaminated with fungi.

Airport officials found that the bread, seen in the photo, was bought from Aimm’s Cup Corner, the shop that rents the commercial space under the management of King Power Suvarnabhumi, said Sutheerawat.

Responding to this incident, he said, the authorities had ordered strict and frequent inspection on food quality and cleanliness of all food shops at the airport.

According to the investigation, the sausage bread was found contaminated with fungi because the shop employee failed to keep it in the refrigerated storage. The old lot of sausage breads had no expiry date tag and was put on the same shelf with the new one.

Meanwhile, the operator of Aimm’s Cup Corner said the store would improve its stock management and would train employees to apply food safety practices and to attach tags showing expiry date on all food items. Random checks by airport officials will be conducted daily.

The airport authorities apologized for the incident and said the airport will improve its service to ensure safety and quality of food. (TNA)